Smart City Cloud Security

What's Next is Already Here: Cloud-Based Security Systems

It's time to embrace the future of cloud-based security

Take a look at your security system. Do you see proprietary panels, readers, software and servers? A system built on yesterday’s technology that’s rigid, difficult to manage and several upgrades behind? It’s time to embrace cloud-based security solutions.

Cloud-based systems aren’t new, but they’ve been on a slow moving train in the security industry, in part because of outdated perceptions that on-premise systems are inherently safer. Cloud security presents a real trust issue the industry and its customers must get past, says Trey West, VP and CTO with Knight Security Systems.

“It’s definitely a comfort level thing, a shift in thinking from an on-premise closed approach to a cloud approach,” says West, noting that the companies building huge data centers hosted in the cloud are currently investing millions to protect businesses—and their own reputations. That’s why in this white paper, we explore how and why companies should be moving their security solutions to the cloud.

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