SB 507 and Texas Education Security Laws

Learn how to keep your school compliant and safe

In light of the passage of Senate Bill 507, it’s more important now than ever to meet the security needs required by the state of Texas to stay compliant. Partnering with an experienced security company can help school districts develop an integrated safety plan that keeps students safe and state-approved, so you can continue shaping the minds of the future.

According to the Texas State School Safety Center, “Surveys from the National Center for Education Statistics”, in 2013 approximately 37 of every 1,000 students ages 12-18 experienced violent victimization at school. In 2014, 18 percent of high school students in urban areas reported gang activity within their school. At the state level, 7.1 percent of students in Texas in 2013 reported that they were threatened or injured with a weapon on school property, while 7.7 percent said that they felt unsafe and skipped school at least once during the 30 days before the survey.

School districts have reacted to the safety issues with an array of security solutions. Here are some of the new laws to follow, as well as sample safety programs for your school that will help keep your students and faculty safe and secured.

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