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Your search for a customized world-class security system is over. Knight's partnership with Genetec awards you unified, enterprise-level IP video surveillance and access control systems, all backed by Knight's patented Service Level Agreements and certified installation and service teams.

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Protect the everyday

Genetec builds physical security solutions that allow you to see, know, and understand your environment, today and in the days to come

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Build your system on the right foundation

Genetec's unified security portfolio gives you the flexibility you require. Choose one or more security solution to address today’s needs, knowing your foundation can be expanded over time to meet new challenges.

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Unified Elite Partner

Genetec seeks out the most clever, knowledgeable, and service-oriented organizations to partner with. Knight Security Systems is proud to own the distinguished title of Unified Elite Partner.

Genetec Products

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Unified security, unlimited possibilities

Security Center is a different type of platform. It's built from the ground up to unify all of your data so that you can manage security policies, monitor events, and run investigations.

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Think differently about video monitoring

Security Center Omnicast is an IP-based VMS that lets you work smarter with video. With a clear picture of events, you respond quicker and make informed decisions.

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Think outside the door

Security Center Synergis IP access control offers a modern approach. As a truly open system, it connects to a large and growing selection of third-party access control devices.

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Find the needle in the haystack

The Security Center AutoVu automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system alerts you to wanted or unpermitted vehicles, even when you’re not looking for them.

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True cloud for real convenience

Genetec Stratocast™ is a different kind of cloud-based video management system. It gives you the flexibility to choose the cameras that best meet your needs and offers enterprise-grade multi-site monitoring capabilities.

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Take control of your access management

Genetec ClearID™ is a self-service physical identity and access management (PIAM) system that strengthens your security policies while improving the flow of people within your organization.

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Flooded with data, is your security keeping up?

Genetec Mission Control™ is a decision management system that helps you understand unfolding events and quickly identify the best course of action.

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Take your evidence management into the information age

Genetec Clearance is a digital evidence management system that helps you organize evidence and case files. It reduces reliance on having to copy information to DVDs and shared drives.

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See your city through a shared lens

Genetec Citigraf™ is a strategic decision support system that unifies data streams and operations across city departments. Citigraf disseminates timely information and provides greater situational awareness to law enforcement agencies.