Video Surveillance & Monitoring Systems

Minimize risk and gain important business intelligence.

The ability to view live and recorded video in and around a facility is critical in today's world, allowing clients to respond to live events or review stored footage for after-event forensics. Knight's video solutions power these abilities, as well as give clients access to video feeds in-house and remote.

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Video Surveillance Systems Built to Last

  • Systems built with trusted products from partners like Genetec and S2 Security 
  • Factory-certified and trained technicians work on all video surveillance products
  • Video surveillance systems scale to any size and complexity, from one to thousands of cameras
  • Video solutions employ the latest in IP-based video technology
  • Video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection and other systems can be integrated to create a unified solution

Optimized, Worry-Free Oversight

With the evolution of the digital age, clients gain access to enhanced video monitoring. But clients who work with Knight receive much more than that—Knight tailors each system to the client's needs, resulting in a secure, worry-free and easy-to-use video surveillance and monitoring solution.