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Sound Detection

Monitor sounds that could indicate—or escalate into—an unsafe event. With this tech, the surveillance cameras’ microphones discern between potential threats and normal noise.

Equip your buildings with eyes and ears

Whether your business is large or small, our solutions are ready to customize to your needs. If you are looking for something that does not appear on our website, reach out to discuss the possibilities.

Pinpointed sources

This solution joins video surveillance with sound detection, so your team can quickly investigate the source of the noise. Zoom in on the source of noise automatically, too.

Situational awareness

Thanks to the unification of sound and sight, your security team gains quick intelligence into an incident or threat. Do more, with more information on hand.

Smart privacy

Depending on the context, video surveillance may not be appropriate. Consider sound detection for enhanced security that maintains privacy.

Immediate alerts

Through the software’s intuitive UI, your security staff is notified anytime a suspicious sound is detected. Take swift action when you receive real-time alerts.

Understand more

When you gain the extra measure of intelligence that sound provides, your security team and various levels of management can understand more. Whether you are curious about noise pollution on your campus or are examining a video recording of a crime, sound is a powerful tool. You can also understand more, sooner, when analytics automatically alert your team of odd or escalating noises.

Smart city interstate

Quieter cities for better living

Are you planning or improving a smart city or county? Knight Security Systems works in that arena, equipping the urban planners with intelligent security solutions. Among those is sound detection, which enhances your awareness of noise pollution across your town or region. The knowledge you acquire from sound detection can help you plan a better environment for current residents—and perhaps even attract new ones.

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Round Table

Our client engagements expand into trusted, long-term relationships, thanks to our collaborative process. As your security partner, we are here to discuss your protection and plan for your future. We offer meticulous system monitoring, continuous support, and strategies for your ongoing success.

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The IoT world is full of threats

Secure your people and property with proven solutions. SecurePlan by Knight Security shields your business assets at every level

Enjoy 24/7 support and guaranteed same-day response times

No travel or labor costs during regular business hours

Device replacement is included if we are unable to repair it

Proven technology that leads the industry

Work with Knight to access the leading hardware and software in the security field. Every device and application is meticulously tested before we approve it for deployment to our clients. Experience the height of security—reached with trusted innovations.

Loretta Wolsey

VP Risk Management and Comp, Smart Financial Credit Union

“I can attest that this Security partnership has allowed SFCU to explore and execute a total system design that puts Smart Financial Credit Union in the forefront of Security, Risk Management and Life Safety. In fact, the FBI had the opportunity to review the system and commended the advanced efforts of SFCU.”
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