Patented System Health Monitoring Solution

Knight’s innovative KnightSentry platform continuously scans the status, activity and performance of every IP-based security device on the client’s network. By making system health visible and easily understandable, KnightSentry speeds time to resolution, mitigates risk and enables more effective management.

  • Hosted SaaS solution via SecurePlan™ SLAs
  • On-premise via KnightSentry software licensing
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See and understand system performance

Know how your network should be behaving

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Detect System Health Issues

Get color-coded, real-time alerts with highly granular detail

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Resolve System Issues Rapidly and Effectively

Leverage system health history, context and expedited communications for strategic response.

Phil Lake
' KnightSentry 2.0’s innovative software gives us an expanded view of system health, expedites communication, and speeds the path to resolution for any issues that arise. That’s all thanks to the user-friendly dashboard, detailed alerts and flexible reporting options.”
Phil Lake

President and CEO, Knight Security Systems


Real-time system and device status across all client facilities
  • Beautiful, highly graphic and intuitive interface
  • Detailed device info
  • Heuristic network traffic analysis
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Color-coded, highly detailed alerts of system health issues, powered by Vunetrix.

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Device data traffic throughout
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Critical Service Failure
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Device Website Access
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access control
Harddrive Failure
hard drive failure
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Memory Availability
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System-wide power failure
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Back up power failure


Shareable documentation of system health, uptime performance, issues, and resolution over time.
  • Automated or on demand
  • Daily, weekly or monthly data windows

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