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Intrusion Systems

Defend your perimeter so your physical security and business recovery costs can decrease. With a variety of alarms and alerts, your buildings can stay safer.

Stop issues before they escalate

One of the top priorities of security is a proactive stance, so fewer losses happen—and intrusion systems help you succeed. If you are interested in intrusion systems, reach out to discuss the possibilities.

Dependable hardware

Your intrusion system is sourced from leading manufacturers, so you can trust the quality of your control panels, contacts, and more. Enjoy the peace of mind that top-of-the-line hardware provides.

Custom schedules

Schedule intrusion alarms for certain days and hours—including specific holidays—to simplify security management. Eliminate more false alarms, and let your security team focus on what matters.

Activity reports

With alarm activity reports, you can discover potential security improvements. Secure a strong ROI from your intrusion system as part of a holistic security strategy.

Precise alarms

Our team helps you reduce false alarms, as well as select the specific types of alarms that your buildings require, including intrusion, hold-up, and duress.

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Sharpen your accuracy. Reduce your costs.

When your facilities’ intrusion alarms are accurate, you can sidestep responses to false alarms. These responses can add up over time, especially when your valued security personnel is sifting through false triggers instead of focusing on productive tasks. Take advantage of an efficient intrusion detection system—one that can tell the difference between real threats and harmless movement.

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Round Table

Our client engagements expand into trusted, long-term relationships, thanks to our collaborative process. As your security partner, we are here to discuss your protection and plan for your future. We offer meticulous system monitoring, continuous support, and strategies for your ongoing success.

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Bringing it all together

As expert security system integrators, Knight unites your system in a seamless way. Intrusion detection is no exception. Drawing on the power of our partners’ technology, we can centralize your intrusion detection with access control, video monitoring, and more. This helps your team operate more effectively, allows remote control via the cloud, and ultimately can enhance response times to real threats.

Proven technology that leads the industry

Work with Knight to access the leading hardware and software in the security field. Every device and application is meticulously tested before we approve it for deployment to our clients. Experience the height of security—reached with trusted innovations.

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The IoT world is full of threats

Secure your people and property with proven solutions. SecurePlan by Knight Security shields your business assets at every level

Enjoy 24/7 support and guaranteed same-day response times

No travel or labor costs during regular business hours

Device replacement is included if we are unable to repair it

Robbie Fish

Vice President, Ben E. Keith

“False alarms were constantly going off and keeping me up at all hours of the night. I was tired of the slow response time and lack of customer service from the larger publicly-owned company. I liked that Knight was a privately-owned company where you are more than an account number.”