Intrusion Detection & Monitoring Systems

Respond to potential threats thanks to real-time intrusion alerts.

When it comes to preventing break-ins, burglaries and vandalism, clients choose Knight for its three-plus decades of experience. Clients who partner with Knight experience not only a significant drop in crime but also a boost to the bottom line because, when the perimeter's protected, physical security services and business recovery costs decline.

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Intrusion Detection Systems to Match Any Security Need

  • Intrusion alarms reduce risk and protect assets with real-time alerts
  • Hold-up alarms alert authorities to security events, which protects employees and lowers risk, and often integrate with other security systems
  • Duress alarms protect the organization by silently requesting aid from police and other emergency responders
  • Stop false alarms analyze a business' layout and security responses to limit false alarms and stop crime
  • Alarm activity reports gives users insights into a location's security, allowing them to improve and secure a strong return on investment
  • Monitoring services act as the back-end of security systems, undergirding low- and high-level security applications 

Effective & Efficient Detection Systems

Security needs vary by company, so Knight tailors its monitoring services and detection systems on a case-by-case basis. Knight also offers remote system management services, including alarm response services, data collection and analysis, which increases efficiency and effectiveness, and eases maintenance and security concerns.