Intrusion Detection & Monitoring Systems

Alerting you at the first sign of a breach.

We have highly customized intrusion detection systems, Knight monitoring services and more, all built to alert you at the first sign of a breach.

Because of our security solutions, our clients have been secured from break-ins for over three decades, seeing not only a significant drop in crime, but a boost to their bottom-line by saving on physical security services and breach recovery costs.

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Intrusion Detection Systems to Match Any Security Need:

  • Intrusion alarms reduce security risk while protecting your assets by alerting you at the first sign of a break-in.
  • Hold up alarms are designed to alert authorities, protect employees and to lower risk of hold-up incidents and can integrate with other security systems, including voice response, camera surveillance, door locks and more.
  • Duress alarms allow users to activate a silent alarm, providing prompt emergency response upon system activation and protecting your organization.
  • Reduce false alarms analyze your business practices, layout and more to provide solutions that stop crime and prevent false alarms.
  • Monitoring services that handle low-level to high-level security monitoring applications including telephone, dedicated circuit, broadband, radio, two-way voice and cellular signal transmission technologies.
  • Alarm activity reporting gives you insight into your system with actionable data reports, maximizing the value of your security investment and showing a real-time boost to your bottom line.

Effective & Efficient Detection Systems

Because security needs vary from company to company, our monitoring services offer a robust set of system activity reports critical to the quality of your protection. We also offer remote system management services, including reporting, analysis, alarm response services and more, so you can have peace of mind when it comes to your security system.