You can put your trust in Knight. We provide impenetrable infrastructure that’s suitable for daily operations, the public sector, and military projects.

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your needs

We begin by understanding your needs, then our team of experts collaborate across multiple departments to bring you a dependable security ecosystem.

Each team member supports and informs the other, guaranteeing the highest performance and ROI for your campus, military base, and public sector businesses.

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Designing a customized plan

The public sector requires effective security systems to protect their school and government buildings. Knight will create a customized security plan for you to prevent interference and threats.

We'll work with you to gather the necessary data and powerful insights. After we've got a solid understanding of your needs, our team of engineers will design a customized strategy for you. Knight guarantees its solutions with proven experience and network-based products that adapt to your needs. Your success is at the center of our partnership.

"Knight Security employees just think different. We solve problems/issues that other companies ignore and they strive to provide a positive customer experience." Aruiz Arthur RuizSales Representative
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Our project managers are crucial to the flow of business and focused on your installation. They are your team of experts and concentrate on advancing a steady process.

Your highly experienced project manager will work directly with you to confirm that your deliverables stay on track.

Your project manager collaborates with internal team members to achieve maximum performance at each level resulting in a robust ROI for your project.

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Ongoing support

Discover system errors before a crisis disrupts your company. Our SecurePlan™ is critical for the public sector as it proactively monitors your system and stays ahead of security breaches. Knight's exclusive program is scalable with the growth of your business and decreases downtime and threats.

Our service managers are adequately certified across all major IT networks and committed to your success. With Knight, you'll have access to our customer support team and receive high-quality assistance with any challenges you may confront.

We'll take care of your security needs so you can concentrate on your business. Our dedicated team of experts will monitor your account and mitigate threats when detected.

"The best part of being a member of this team is the common goal. Customer Satisfaction!" Steve vondersaar Kevin Cook Integrated Sales Representative
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Fire Detection

Protect your assets at the earliest sign of a fire. Knight's code-compliant systems are reliable, highly reactive, and work directly with a building's built-in sprinkler system.

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Access Control as a Service

Take advantage of cloud-based flexibility. When security around personnel is crucial, consider Access Control as a Service, an easy-to-scale solution built for the modern world.

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Video Surveillance

Diminish threats and aggregate data with our video surveillance system. Examine live and pre-recorded video and take action in real-time.

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Visitor Management

Register, track, and report on each individual that enters your building. Grant access to visitors only when necessary and monitor their movements.

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Sound Detection

Respond immediately with audio analytics to develop incidents. Set rules to trigger alerts for aggressive behavior, acoustic monitoring for healthcare, gun detection, and more.

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Crowding & Hotspot Detection

Manage congestion in sensitive areas with IoT cameras and intelligent analytics. Set your parameters and receive notifications when areas exceed capacity limits.

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Face Mask Detection

Mask detection algorithms search the designated area for maskless patrons and alert the necessary contacts to remedy the situation.

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Body Temp Detection

Capture elevated body temperatures and provide real-time identification of high-risk individuals.

The IoT world is full of threats

Secure your people and property with proven solutions. SecurePlan by Knight Security shields your business assets at every level

Enjoy 24/7 support and guaranteed same-day response times

No travel or labor costs during regular business hours

Device replacement is included if we are unable to repair it

How much could your company save?

On average, our customers save up to 18% per year when they invest in SecurePlan. As your partner, we detect and predict threats and respond quickly and precisely while securing your assets.


Saved in lost revenue.

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Chris Ball

Infrastructure Engineer, Williamson County

"Knight does a great job of determining our needs and making sure the install and configurations are done right."