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Face Recognition

Allow your approved personnel inside, and ward off potential threats. This technology can even detect individuals already identified as suspicious.

Protect sensitive data and facilities

Awareness of your grounds and buildings is key—and especially who is on or in them. If you are interested in face recognition, reach out to discuss the possibilities.

Easy extension

Video surveillance reaches the next level with face recognition. Extend your system’s abilities when you add this solution to access control, visitor management, and more.

High accuracy

Our selective approach to technology partners means you gain best-in-class solutions. Benefit from face recognition accuracy that meets or exceeds industry benchmarks.

Health security, simplified

Your public health efforts become more effortless with face recognition. For instance, contact tracing is streamlined when someone tests positive for a disease.

Situational awareness

When you pair face recognition with loitering and trespassing detection, the algorithms can detect individuals already labeled as suspicious by your team.

Identify suspects faster

Bringing facial recognition into play, your security personnel can more easily identify individuals suspected of criminal activity. They can obtain an image from the video surveillance system, and send out an alert. Then, thanks to situational awareness, that video frame or an imported image can yield automatic alerts of when that person is back on the property.

Face recognition

Perfect for high-stakes security

Priceless or high-value assets require strong layers of protection. One layer in this armor is face recognition. Not only do your security personnel know when an unfamiliar face is on your property, but they can also get alerts when someone is in an area that they lack clearance for. Bridging your security solutions, such as access control, with face recognition is powerful. An experienced security integrator can help you thwart attempts at theft, trespassing, and more—while freeing up your team to focus on the most pressing issues at hand.

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Round Table

Our client engagements expand into trusted, long-term relationships, thanks to our collaborative process. As your security partner, we are here to discuss your protection and plan for your future. We offer meticulous system monitoring, continuous support, and strategies for your ongoing success.

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The IoT world is full of threats

Secure your people and property with proven solutions. SecurePlan by Knight Security shields your business assets at every level

Enjoy 24/7 support and guaranteed same-day response times

No travel or labor costs during regular business hours

Device replacement is included if we are unable to repair it

Proven technology that leads the industry

Work with Knight to access the leading hardware and software in the security field. Every device and application is meticulously tested before we approve it for deployment to our clients. Experience the height of security—reached with trusted innovations.

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Brian Moore

Telecommunications Supervisor, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA)

“Using the Access Control System unified with Genetec Security Center, as well as BriefCam, can protect people, keep them where they need to be within our airport. So if you were to receive an alarm, it would automatically populate that camera in that location with Genetec Security Center. And within that, you can also use BriefCam technology, be able to slim it down, save you time and still keep people safe.”