Security starts with a customized strategy tailored to your corporation’s needs. That’s why each solution we create is thoroughly planned and designed with clients’ needs in mind.

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your needs

We begin by understanding your enterprise needs, then our team of experts collaborates across multiples departments to bring you a dependable security ecosystem.

Each team member supports and informs the other, guaranteeing maximum performance and ROI for your enterprise-level project.

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Your customized security blueprint

Your large-scale enterprise demands a customized strategy. Once Knight achieves a firm understanding of your sizable requirements, our engineers and managers will design a customized security blueprint based on your enterprise-level goals.

We have decades of experience and use the latest technologies to ensure your success. Once your security blueprint is ready for you, we'll review it together and listen to your feedback and discuss edits along the way. Your approval and satisfaction are at the center of our relationship, and we look forward to years of shared success.

"Our entire team takes pride in what we do, and going the extra mile for our clients is standard practice here." Kevin cook Steve VondersaarProject Manager
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Installation of
your system

Our team of project managers are essential to the flow of business. They act as your project installation expert and focus on expediting a smooth and efficient process.

Your highly experienced project manager will work directly with you to guarantee that your deliverables stay within scope and budget. They will collaborate with multiple internal team members to secure maximum performance at every level resulting in a healthy ROI for your project.

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Your ongoing satisfaction

Discover system errors before a crisis disrupts your market. Our SecurePlan™ is critical for your enterprise-level business as it proactively monitors your system and stays ahead of security breaches. Knight's exclusive program, powered by the patented KnightSentry™ technology, is scalable to meet the demands of your corporation and decreases downtime and threats.

Managers that are fully certified across all major IT networks are devoted to your success. In addition, a customer support team is available and ready to assist with any challenges you may encounter.

For enterprise-level clients, we take additional safety measures to protect your assets. Knight uses an AI-powered 24/7 monitoring system that proactively learns over time.

We take care of the security so you can focus on your responsibilities. Your dedicated team of experts will monitor your account and act swiftly if any suspicious activity is detected. If a threat is suspected, your customer service team will provide regular updates and support while mitigating threats.

"No one person at Knight has all of your answers. With the knowledge that each proposal is as different as our customer. We depend on our Round Table discussions to ensure every proposal incorporates what is best for that customer." Steve vondersaar Kevin Cook Integrated Sales Representative
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Access Control

Data loss prevention includes controlling who enters and exits your facility and is the first line of defense against security threats.

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Intrusion Systems

Protect your business and respond to potential threats in real-time with intrusion alerts. Once a potential threat is detected, help is silently requested from police and other emergency responders.

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Visitor Management

Register, track, and report on each individual that enters your building. Grant access to visitors only when necessary and monitor their movements.

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Building Automation Integration

Get the most out of your various systems, from climate control to video surveillance. This integration unites your systems into one efficient whole—and takes advantage of the latest technology.

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Cybersecurity of Physical Security

Integrate your various solutions with secure software. With Knight, your systems can be better defended against cyberattacks—while taking advantage of the latest IP and cloud-based technology.

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Automatic License Plate and Vehicle Recognition

Real-time intelligence is the latest and most powerful way to make decisions about vehicles, roadways, city infrastructure.

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Video Surveillance

Diminish threats and aggregate data with our video surveillance system. Examine live and pre-recorded video and take action in real-time.

The IoT world is full of threats

Secure your people and property with proven solutions. SecurePlan by Knight Security shields your business assets at every level

Enjoy 24/7 support and guaranteed same-day response times

No travel or labor costs during regular business hours

Device replacement is included if we are unable to repair it

How much could your company save?

On average, our customers save up to 18% per year when they invest in SecurePlan. As your partner, we detect and predict threats and respond quickly and precisely while securing your assets.


Saved in lost revenue.

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Multi-Lense Camera:

Access Control Door:

Julius Horvath

Operations and Planning Director, WETT

"Everyone at Knight has been easy to work with, and they have been very responsive, patient and offered great customer service. We also know that Knight has a strong reputation for building long-term relationships with clients. That is important to us when creating business partnerships."