Access Control Systems

Where data loss prevention begins.

Controlling who enters and exits is the first line of defense against security threats—don't let it go unsecured. Knight's access control systems provide a vital safeguard for company assets, at all times.

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Knight's Keys to a Successful Access Control System

  • Collaborative, objective-based sales process focuses on the client's needs to find the best cost-effective solution
  • Technology-driven design process delivers leading-edge solutions
  • Early involvement of the client's IT department ensures adherence with company standards
  • Project kickoff meetings with Knight's project managers cement roles and responsibilities to complete the system installation on time and within budget
  • Post-installation operator training teaches clients how to use the system to get the most out of it
  • Establishment of user policies protects the system and the people using it

Superior Quality & Unsurpassed Flexibility

Because security needs vary from company to company, Knight custom designs, installs and services access control systems to provide superior quality and unsurpassed flexibility. No matter the level of access control needed, from a single-door application to a large, networked system for multiple buildings, Knight tailors each solution to meet every client's unique business objectives.