Access Control as a Service Technician

Access Control as a Service

Take advantage of cloud-based flexibility and streamline your business operations for maximum efficiency.

Your workplace can be more secure and easier to manage with a cloud-based access control system. When security around personnel is crucial, consider ACaaS, an easy-to-scale solution built for the modern world.

Remotely manage your entryways

ACaaS will decrease your costs while enhancing reliability and ease of use. This truly scalable product not only secures physical access but improves your overall cyber security defense as well. Interested in learning more about Access Control as a Service? Reach out to discuss the possibilities.

Leading-edge solutions

Through Knight’s collaborative process, we'll work with you to identify potential obstacles and ensure you are outfitted with the ACaaS solution that best fits your needs.

Ease for multi-location businesses

With the power of the cloud, your company gains the simplicity of remote servers. You also can manage multiple locations’ access controls from anywhere, via the internet.

Innovative integrations

Knight Security Systems can streamline your business with high-tech integrations. Our in-house technicians can harmonize your ACaaS solution with the rest of your security system.

Elite hardware

As a trusted partner to some of the world's biggest names in security manufacturing, you'll have access to the most advanced equipment so your system is second to none.

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The benefits of modernization

While there are many benefits of utilizing ACaaS - including cost, reliability and scalability - they all boil down to one thing: ease. ACaaS is the perfect solution for any company interested in modernizing their security practices without sacrificing their cybersecurity needs or costs - which often run high when maintaining traditional systems.

Protect your business in the modern world

ACaaS combines Software as a Service with on-premise access control devices, allowing businesses to remotely monitor their employees, visitors, and assets while securely backing up all data for maximum safety. With scalable systems, continual support and seamless solutions, organizations can be assured that their employees, facilities, stakeholders and investments are protected at all times.

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Our client engagements expand into trusted, long-term relationships, thanks to our collaborative process. As your security partner, we are here to discuss your protection and plan for your future. We offer meticulous system monitoring, continuous support, and strategies for your ongoing success.

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Proven technology that leads the industry

Work with Knight to access the leading hardware and software in the security field. Every device and application is meticulously tested before we approve it for deployment to our clients. Experience the height of security—reached with trusted innovations.

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The IoT world is full of threats

Secure your people and property with proven solutions. SecurePlan by Knight Security shields your business assets at every level

Enjoy 24/7 support and guaranteed same-day response times

No travel or labor costs during regular business hours

Device replacement is included if we are unable to repair it

Brian Bolek

Director – Maintenance & Operations, Eanes ISD

“Without a doubt I would recommend Knight to anyone who needs a solid, secure access control security system...Knight has shown great customer service, resolving issues immediately and without recurrence. I look forward to a long-lasting relationship with them, and we’re certainly grateful for their dedication and hard work toward keeping our district safe.”