Axis cameras

Video Monitoring

Equip your Knight Security System with video monitoring capabilities. Your security team receives alerts via the software’s analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) features.

Improve your insight and awareness

When your security team receives smart, automatic alerts, your facilities can be more secure. The latest analytics and AI technology enhance the information available to your team.

Safer visits

Manage guests better with video monitoring. Using advanced AI and face recognition, you can automatically track guest movements throughout your facility.

Stronger perimeters

Keep your boundaries clear and secure with video analytics. Our solutions can detect loitering and trespassing, so your security personnel can take action sooner.

Healthier environments

Make your public health efforts count. With video monitoring, you can enforce social distancing, watch for crowding, regulate face mask usage, and more.

Real-time alerts

Know when your facilities have a situation that needs intervention. Intelligent surveillance and alerts mean that your security team can take action faster.

Knight employee at desk monitoring video

For the public sector

Improving the safety of your facilities is key, whether you are running a university or a government agency. From public health guidance to the protection of expensive assets, the list of necessary tools for your security staff is a long one. Rest assured that Knight regularly equips the public sector with comprehensive security toolboxes—and we even have purchasing contracts available.

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And for the private sphere

Video monitoring creates an easier flow for managing security. When you offload tasks to AI—including monitoring video footage—your security personnel can spend more time on mission-critical tasks that require human intelligence and action. Allow your employees to boost their productivity with a contemporary security system, fit for today’s world. Reach out to Knight today, and explore how we can design and implement a tailor-made security system for your unique business.

Gain valuable data and intelligence

Accurately forecast trends and improve business operations and infrastructure with advanced analytics software and real-time alerts. Knight's innovative surveillance and video monitoring solutions help businesses and organizations identify key areas of improvement, analyze/compare historical data, and make informed business decisions that benefit all departments.