Proactive issue detection.

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Never Again Wonder If Your Security System is Functional

With our enhanced monitoring capabilities, we can alert you of potential failures before they happen. Rest assured that video surveillance system is operating as designed to protect your employees and company from security risks and possible false accusations.

Our SecurePlanHealth™ service agreement ensures a stable and active IT infrastructure for your organization, so you can have peace of mind.

Prerequisites: Must have remote connectivity to Knight's secure Customer Support Center. Security systems to be monitored must be of a manufacturer supported by Knight. For a list of full administrative rules, contact our sales team.

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This Program Prevents:

  • Hard drive failures & predictive failure
  • CPU failures
  • Battery failure
  • UPS failure
  • IP switch failure
  • Power supply failure
  • Network traffic above normal conditions
  • Network communication loss
  • Camera out, not communicating, etc
  • Access control system failure

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*System Health Monitoring Requires access to Internet for outbound traffic