Proactive Issue Detection

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Reduce risk and worry with SecurePlanHealth

SecurePlanHealth™ alerts clients to potential failures before they happen. With the program, clients rest assured that their video surveillance and other security systems are operating as expected.

The SecurePlanHealth™ service level agreement prevents system issues, resulting in a stable and always-active IT infrastructure.

Prerequisites: Prerequisites: (1) Clients must have remote access to Knight's secure Customer Support Center. (2) Security systems to be monitored must be by a Knight-supported manufacturer. For the full list of requirements, contact the sales team.

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This Program Prevents

  • Hard drive failures & predictive failure
  • CPU failures
  • Battery failure
  • UPS failure
  • IP switch failure
  • Power supply failure
  • Network traffic above normal conditions
  • Network communication loss
  • Camera failures
  • Access control system failure

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*System Health Monitoring requires internet access for outbound traffic.