What is SB 507?

Earlier this year, Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 507. This bill, effective as of June 16, 2016, requires all school districts within the state of Texas with special education programs to install video surveillance cameras with video and audio recording capabilities. The new law also has requirements relating to video retention storage time, as well as limitations on individuals that can view the recorded video.

What are the General Requirements of SB 507?

According to the TEA rules, all Texas ISD must adopt written policies and procedures which provide a formal method for requesting cameras as well as the management of the system. Upon receipt of a qualified request, a Texas ISD or charter school must provide a system in accordance with the following general provisions.

  • Prompt response to a qualified request
  • 100% coverage of special education classrooms
  • Audio monitoring in classrooms and adjacent  bathrooms
  • Six months’ retention of video and audio recording
  • Restrictions on individuals accessing recorded  video and audio

Knight Security Systems, a DIR-approved security systems vendor, has developed three options to assist Texas ISD’s with SB 507 compliance.

Hassle Free

We offer a pre-packaged, cloud-based solution using Axis cameras and Eagle Eye hosted video solution. Coupled with Knight Security Systems SecurePlan Service Level Agreement, this solution eliminates all of the hassles of long term support, maintenance and costs for technology upgrades. Assured recording retention compliance and verification of system operations relieves educators of technical concerns so they can focus on their primary mission.


For Texas ISDs that prefer an independent video surveillance platform, Knight Security Systems also offer a standalone Video Management System configured to meet both SB 507 and your specific requirements. Add the Knight Security System SecurePlan to assure that the video system is operational and properly maintained for the long run.


We’re experts in providing customized, integrated solutions to fit with whatever system is already in place on your campus. If you prefer to leverage an embedded Video Management System, we have the capability to evaluate your current video system, recommend any necessary upgrades to comply with SB 507 and keep you and your students safe.

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The information on this page is provided as a convenience. Texas ISD’s should consult with qualified legal counsel regarding compliance to the Texas Administrative Code related to Senate Bill 507.