Securing local, county, state, and federal government institutions since 1983.

Effective security measures are necessary to protect facilities and prevent interruption to government operations. Whether it's security for local or state law enforcement, Knight Security Systems can customize a solution for you.

With enterprise-level, network-based systems experience, we install the most advanced security technology regardless of facility size. Our video surveillanceaccess control systems and intrusion detection systems help you to stop crime before it happens.

Check out our DIR-SDD-2224DIR-TSO-3430, GSA or TXMAS announcements for more information.

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The Sabine-Neches Waterway runs 55 miles through Jefferson County, Texas, to the Gulf of Mexico. It houses the number-one commercial and military out-load port in the United States and is the fourth largest port in terms of processed tonnage. Knight Security Systems deployed a vast traffic-monitoring network to ensure that all vessels (civilian, military and commercial) can safely navigate the waters with minimal interference such as collisions or other stoppage. Backed by a Verizon Wireless 4G connections, the cameras along the waterway produced high definition video of live vessel movements and efficiently archived incidents.

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