Tailor-made security solutions for businesses of any size.

With over 5,000 systems installed since 1983, Knight has helped thousands of companies in Texas reduce loss and liability. Knight's customizable, network-based technologies are designed to meet the corporate world's needs, easily integrating with other business systems. 

Working with Knight Security Systems provides proven benefits that range from best-in-class security products to quality customer service. Knight's services cover all aspects of the security project, starting with an initial consultation and traveling through product selection, design, integration, system management and support.

“When we moved to the new location, we needed an access control system that would work with the current setup in the building which already operated under the S2 solution. And the fact that Knight Security Systems offered that same solution made it easy for us to be added to the current setup.” – Paul Walker, CIO/VP of Information Technology of Hoar Construction
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