Protecting all types of companies


Integrated solutions for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. Protecting you from fraud, identity theft, forgeries, mistakes and robbers.


Scalable security solutions for corporate buildings and multi-tenant complexes. Customized to reduce legal liability, employee liability and boost your ROI.


Effective, flexible security strategies for governmental institutions. Secure your perimeter with network-based video surveillance, access control systems and more.


Integrated IP-based security solutions for your campus. We work with your IT team to develop the most effective, adaptable security solution.


Customizable security designed to meet your growing needs in the medical field. Best-in-class environmental monitoring systems for hospitals, science and engineering labs.

Oil, Gas & Energy

Surveillance systems for the oil and gas industry. With our tailor-made systems, we're on the clock so you don't have to be.


Single-store security system layouts, full mall facility builds and more. Security systems designed to protect your employees from risk, no matter what hour.

Food Service

Preventative surveillance solutions for the food service industry. Cultivate a work environment where your employees feel safe and secure.