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Sports and Entertainment

Massive crowds. Intense excitement. To protect your venue and guests, the highest standards and the latest technology are crucial. Rely on Knight’s expertise when you need a stadium security system or a solution for another venue.

Core Sports & Entertainment Solutions

We offer a range of customized solutions that are designed to work for financial institutions of all sizes. Don't see what you're looking for below? Reach out to us and we will help.

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Face Mask Detection

Mask detection algorithms search the designated area for maskless patrons and alert the necessary contacts to remedy the situation.

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Body Temp Detection

Capture elevated body temperatures and provide real-time identification of high-risk individuals.

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Social Distancing Enforcement

Encourage your employees and guests to maintain a safe distance, automatically. Using high-tech wearables or video analytics, your facility can promote better public health.

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Occupancy Management

Track the number of people who enter and exit a premise through multiple cameras and set rules that trigger an alert when the threshold is reached, keeping your facility under compliance.

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Video Surveillance

Diminish threats and aggregate data with our video surveillance system. Examine live and pre-recorded video and take action in real-time.

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Intrusion Systems

Protect your business and respond to potential threats in real-time with intrusion alerts. Once a potential threat is detected, help is silently requested from police and other emergency responders.

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Access Control

Data loss prevention includes controlling who enters and exits your facility and is the first line of defense against security threats.

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Fire Detection

Protect your assets at the first sign of a fire. Knight's code-compliant systems are reliable, highly reactive, and work directly with a building's built-in sprinkler system.

Pair your solutions with SecurePlan

The IoT world is full of threats. We're here to secure your system with proven security solutions. SecurePlan™ by Knight Security Systems protects your business' assets at every level. SecurePlan offers you a team of experts for around-the-clock protection and utilizes an advanced solution that provides proactive monitoring and detection with video surveillance.

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Round Table Process

Knight Security Systems’ expert team of sales, design, installation, and service professionals work hand-in-hand with each other, keeping you in the center of the process while providing unparalleled performance for every project from initial contact through ongoing services. In addition, each member supports and informs others to ensure maximum ROI on all projects; whether it’s assessing needs or making decisions about product selection - after meeting with you, these specialists know exactly what you’re going to need.

Learn About Our Process

Bryan Moore

Telecommunications Supervisor, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA)

“Using the Access Control System unified with Genetec Security Center, as well as BriefCam, can protect people, keep them where they need to be within our airport. So if you were to receive an alarm, it would automatically populate that camera in that location with Genetec Security Center. And within that, you can also use BriefCam technology, be able to slim it down, save you time and still keep people safe.”