Finding the Balance Between Safety and Openness for Texas Schools

Company Background

Based in Amarillo, Texas, Amarillo Independent School District covers a sprawling 70 miles in west Texas, with enrollment numbers reaching a sprawling 39,000 students as recently as the 2009-2010 school year.

The Challenge

Working with the education vertical is unique and possesses many complexities. Engineering a school security system is a delicate balance between ensuring safety of students and faculty while maintaining an “open” environment for the community. Due to recent tragedies, school security is at the forefront of everyone’s mind and more important than ever. Educational security systems must be flexible enough to endure changes in technology, environment, and economics.

The Knight Solution

Amarillo ISD has 54 separate facilities, making the installation one that required a lot of communication and project management. Knight Security Systems partnered with them to establish one, singular, IP video surveillance system which features 2,086 IP cameras. Our solution integrates with existing intrusion and access control systems to provide a “single-pane-of-glass” solution.

“Our relationship with Amarillo ISD has been a collaborative partnership since the beginning. They entrusted us to be the experts in our field and we relied on them to provide us with the unique challenges they face from site-to-site. Our goals and commitment to Amarillo ISD from the beginning were:
  • To provide proven security solutions based upon their needs
  • To constantly collaborate with AISD on present and future concerns
  • To protect their investment
  • To deliver world class service – unmatched in the industry
  • To become AISD’s Preferred Solutions Provider
It is a tall task to support the security and safety of AISD – the students, staff, and personnel.”

-David Horst, Integrated Security Sales Executive, West Texas

The Results

Knight Security Systems recently begun the installation process for Amarillo ISD, however, given our foundational values it is clear to AISD we are much more than a security installer. We provide full service before, during and after the installation allowing them to concentrate on the operational success of their organization and the education of students.

About Knight Security Systems

At Knight Security Systems, we feel our obligation to each client is far more than just an initial installation. When approaching system design we work with you to fully understand your needs and provide an integrated video, access control and intrusion system on an open architecture platform, expandable and capable of growing as technology advances. The continued serviceability of the system is what drives our on-going client relationships.

Knight Security Systems is capable of making sure your system continues to operate through proactive monitoring and maintenance. Many times we detect an issue before you even become aware. Additionally, we’re able to monitor and service existing systems once we feel confident currently installed satisfies your expectations.

Our staff is comprised of licensed professional engineers, systems technical professionals and IT network security specialists. Knight and its staff holds many industry certifications including Texas Department of Insurance’s NICET fire license, Texas Department of Public Safety’s Private Security Bureau License, as well as Cisco CCNA and CCDA certifications. We also employs technicians that are certified specialists for the manufacturers that we represent.