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City of Conroe & Knight Team Up for City-Wide Security

Unlimited scalability powered by SecurePlan

Located 40 miles north of Houston, the City of Conroe was attempting to manage a disparate patchwork of access control and surveillance systems. Having grown over 120 percent since 2000, the City of Conroe has continued to expand, making it a challenge to keep pace with public safety needs.

Conroe needed a security solution that could cover the full footprint of the municipality, which is just under 38 square miles. Also the city wanted to discontinue using software to coordinate the many systems, which was a costly line item that failed to provide an adequate level of management. Furthermore, any new solution would need to have a much more User Friendly Interface.

S2, a leader in IP-based integrated security platforms, provided a software solution that now gives the city flexibility and scalability to integrate systems across government buildings of various size and function. The unified solution can also grow with Conroe’s expanding surveillance and public safety needs. Since installation, the unified system has exceeded the city’s performance expectation and delivered reliable and consistent service that meets their growing public safety needs.

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