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A Custom-Integrated System for One Oil & Gas Worksite

Ensure continual uptime with SecurePlan

GeoSouthern Energy, a Texas-based Oil & Gas company, partnered with Knight Security Systems to completely overhaul their company’s many disparate video monitoring, access control and alarm security systems into one streamlined solution. GeoSouthern set out to build three new office building sites in the Houston area over several years, each using Genetec platforms to consolidate their security solution.

At the start of the project, GeoSouthern had multiple platforms for their video, access control and alarm systems. While these solutions were poles apart, they also didn’t communicate with one another, making a system-wide integration an extremely difficult task. The requirement for their new system -- a reliable, user-friendly, progressive, single-platform, scalable security system that would integrate all components, including advanced asset management and protection for several of their display cases. The display cases, required “invisible”, camouflaged devices so the high-tech system did not distract from the items in the cases.

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