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A 24-Hour Security Program Protects A 34-Year Government Reputation

Cooke, Fannin & Grayson County Juvenile Detention Center serves the commissioner courts of the three counties within the state of Texas, under a seven-member advisory board. This 30-bed facility is responsible for 24-hour video surveillance throughout the 20-acre campus, both to ensure the safety of residents and the public.

In the past, however, video coverage was missing in key areas, causing the detention center to lose out on footage of campus events and valuable evidence. Specifically, video cameras were known to randomly stop recording, lose high-traffic camera angles, and short out without any clear sign or cause. In order to combat the issue, Grayson County rebuilt the video surveillance servers, not once, but twice in one year.

After 10 cameras became affected — all of which supplied 40 different camera views across the campus — Grayson County’s Director of IT, Ken Miller, suspected a network issue, and reached out to Knight to help diagnose the problem.

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