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Worry Less with Knight's Remote Remediation

The 4 Steps of Knight’s Remote Remediation:

  • As soon as a threat is detected by our health monitoring system, a service ticket is generated. In 2019, half of all generated tickets were generated by Knight’s industry-leading technology, before the customer noticed an issue.
  • An alert signal is sent to Knight’s Client Support Center (CSC).
  • One of our certified technicians remotely performs diagnostics and will attempt remediation from the CSC.
  • 36% of the time we were able to fix the problem using remote assistance and remediate the service, avoiding system downtime and keeping your system up and running while providing you the highest return on investment.

Reduce anxiety and rest easy knowing Knight’s technology is actively working to make sure your assets are safe and sound. 50% of the time, our systems are able to generate a service ticket on their own before the client is even aware there is a problem. Issues from debugging to system updates can be detected, assessed, and fixed remotely without it affecting the long list of tasks already on your plate. Often, it is quite possible that your system’s updates or challenges can be managed without the need for a technician to make contact with you or step a single foot inside your business.

We at Knight are continuing to take the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. With social distancing still the order of the day, remote assistance is the best bet for responsible, manageable troubleshooting. If the solution requires physically switching out, and you are a facility with entry restrictions due to COVID-19, we are more than willing to drop it off for you, and the Knight Security CSC team will walk you through how to make the fix over the phone.

KnightSentry’s remote assistance is built to help your business stay secure while keeping person-to-person contact to a minimum during these uncertain times.

Complete Peace of Mind

Using Knight Security’s patented and award-winning KnightSentry technology, SecurePlan customers receive unparalleled peace of mind. With the full strength of Knight Security behind them, customers know their facilities are secure from threats, and with our industry-leading remote remediation abilities, if something does go wrong, there’s a great chance the issue can be fixed while still adhering to social distancing guidelines.