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What's Next is Already Here: Cloud-Based Security Systems


Apr 21, 2017 | White Paper

Take a look at your security system. Do you see proprietary panels, readers, software and servers? A system built on yesterday’s technology that’s rigid, difficult to manage and several upgrades behind? It’s time to embrace cloud-based security solutions. READ MORE

SB 507 and Texas Education Security Laws: How to Stay Compliant and Safe

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Jan 31, 2017 | Education, White Paper

In light of the passage of Senate Bill 507, it’s more important now than ever to meet the security needs required by the state of Texas to stay compliant. Partnering with an experienced security company can help school districts develop an integrated safety plan that keeps students safe and state-approved, so you can continue shaping the minds of the future. READ MORE

The Business Costs of a Poorly-Maintained Security System

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Aug 31, 2016 | White Paper

Any business worth their salt in the digital era has implemented a dynamic security system for their organization. However, many systems contain a lack of error reporting options, an inadequate video monitoring capabilities, and a shocking amount of false alarms that all result in high costs and a dent in the bottom line. READ MORE