School district

Security Solutions for School Districts

Risk Management at Every Level

There may not be a more complicated area to keep secure than a school campus. Physically, you have buildings with unique layouts, athletic fields, and parking lots. And functionally, you're keeping students, staff and visitors safe from external threats while at the same time ensuring everyone who is supposed to be on campus is going where they are supposed to go.

It's a lot.

IP Mass Notification Systems, high-quality video services, and fully integrated technology programs are just scratching the surface of the portfolio of products you can choose from to build a system specific to your needs. Some of the most important are...

Gunshot & Explosion Detection

Our audio analytics technology integrated into the video cameras will detect the origin of gunshots or explosions and assist with emergency response calls showing the sound caught areas on video. In addition, our innovative learning algorithms help reduce false alarms by housing a library of aggressive sounds.

A.I. Service Assurance & Cyber Health

Today, businesses are using advanced analytics, A.I., and machine learning systems to get end-to-end insight across their entire information infrastructure. Meanwhile, security directors and managers still have security officers scrolling through video camera displays to ensure system integrity. Now, advanced I.T. monitoring and management technology can check all devices and systems 24/7. Personnel is notified instantly of a component failure and have diagnostics information at their fingertips.

Aggression Detection

Physical incidents are often preceded by verbal aggression. Our algorithms can detect aggressive tones in a person’s voice. As a result, staff will be notified, empowering them to handle the situation. Using analytics at the camera edge, running it on the cloud or in your premise server, Knight is here to help you have a safe and secure innovative school.

Crowd Detection

The key to the most successful crowd management is preparation. Detect large crowd formations and respond to improve school safety. Our advanced video analytics will trigger alarms when a specified number or percentage of people congregate in a predefined area. The analytics provides a rich metadata stream, with embedded rules that allow the engine to trigger events directly on the camera, simplifying integrations with third-party applications.