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How to Use Video Analytics to Centralize & Optimize Your Business's Security Management

On guard all the time

Businesses with multiple facilities face a unique set of security challenges in their day-to-day operations. Employees and customers need to be monitored, off-limits areas guarded, and perimeters protected at all times. Powered by advanced A.I. and deep-learning technologies, video analytics can help organizations effectively manage and monitor all the different departments in their organization at once, allowing them to better protect their people and assets and make more informed business decisions.

What is Video Analytics?

Using the latest in artificial intelligence and real-time technology, video analytics software such as BriefCam Research aggregates surveillance data from multiple sources into one secure, centralized hub where it can be easily managed. Video analytics can also provide valuable business insights that help improve operations and enhance decision-making. If you’re considering adding video analytics to your business's security system, here are a few ways to maximize the benefits of this modern solution.

Save Time During Critical Events

When businesses have a critical event, time is of the essence. Video surveillance can provide essential insight into the event, but video analytics can help turn this surveillance into actionable feedback. For example, if a child goes missing in a building, video analytics can not only review hours of surveillance in a matter of minutes, but it can also use deep learning and A.I. to pinpoint persons of interest based on specific search criteria. Additionally, a digital watchlist with a still image or photo can be created using face recognition technology to alert personnel in real-time if a potential face is detected.

Use Real-Time Alerts to Make Quick Decisions

For multi-site organizations with several areas of risk, it can be particularly challenging to monitor each site simultaneously. Banks, for example, must ensure their lobbies, vaults, and employee areas are secured and protected at all times. Using advanced analytics and real-time notifications, financial institutions can set up alerts for specific surveillance criteria such as the number of people in a room or the time of day a person is detected. That way, businesses are instantly notified of suspicious activity at any of their locations and can review and assess the situation on the spot.

Leverage Advanced Analytics for Enhanced Business Intelligence

While video surveillance itself can be extremely useful in several ways, its business benefits are increased exponentially when combined with powerful video analytics. Instead of using video surveillance reactively as an investigative tool, businesses can use video analytics to accurately forecast trends and improve business operations and infrastructure. This innovative surveillance solution can aid businesses in identifying areas of improvement, analyzing/comparing historical data, and making intelligent decisions that benefit all departments as well as the business as a whole.

Keep Employees and Visitors Safe

Though security is one of its more popular applications, video analytics can also be used in other ways to help mitigate risk for businesses. If an accident or medical incident occurs on-site, video analytics can review surveillance footage quicker and more accurately than manual forensic review can. This gives personnel more time to investigate the incident and remedy the situation as quickly as possible as well as prevent further recurrence. Workplace injuries can be more thoroughly investigated using video analytics, and businesses can use this surveillance insight to help identify and address workplace hazards for fewer work accidents.

Video analytics software is a valuable and effective surveillance tool that helps multi-site organizations of all kinds streamline and centralize their security management. When used correctly, video analytics can help minimize risk, reduce accidents, protect people and assets and optimize business operations. This innovative security solution can integrate with a variety of third-party data sources to help transform your security system into a smart business intelligence tool for even more return on investment.