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4 Key Business Benefits of Access Control as a Service

What is ACaaS?

A new trend in the security industry is Access Control as a Service (ACaaS), also named Access Control in the Cloud. This innovative security solution combines Software as a Service with on-premise access control devices to provide remote and permanent records of whoever enters or exits a facility. Cloud-based solutions like these allow businesses to remotely monitor their employees, visitors, and assets for maximum safety while securely backing up all data.

Why Access Control as a Service?

While there are many benefits of utilizing ACaaS, they all boil down to one thing: ease. ACaaS is the perfect solution for any company interested in modernizing their security practices without sacrificing their cybersecurity needs or costs - which often run high when maintaining traditional systems.

One of the main concerns that many companies have when switching from onsite solutions to cloud-based ones is complexity. However, this is not the case with ACaaS. Not only does this cloud service help simplify security operations, but it also allows organizations to streamline and merge their security operations seamlessly using APIs and other software integrations.

Security Benefits

Security departments across organizations benefit from ACaaS in many ways, including increased resilience to cyberattacks and external threats. This cost-effective solution also provides continual system health monitoring and proactive service, so businesses don't have to wait for IT support when they need it most. Even on a tight budget, these advantages make ACaaS a valuable asset to any organization looking for more peace of mind when it comes to having their unique security concerns addressed.

IT Benefits

IT departments, in particular, appreciate the ease of use that comes with implementing ACaaS. With no servers, operating systems, or databases to maintain, this cloud solution is far less cumbersome and complicated than a traditional onsite security system. In addition, cloud-based security systems are always updated with the latest security technologies, providing maximum protection against external threats no matter the size or technical expertise of the organization. Other IT benefits of ACaaS include complete system optimization with real-time automatic updates and remote access for designated personnel to all security functions anywhere, anytime. With this modern solution, businesses can gain the cyber-resilience they need without all the costly cybersecurity software.

Financial Benefits

By eliminating the need for extra employees or outsourced IT support, Access Control as a Service helps financial departments drastically reduce overhead and mitigate risk for stakeholders. This scalable service also comes with a lower operating cost and predictable liability exposure, resulting in a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO) overall.

Executive Benefits

Access Control as a Service also has a positive impact on business executives, allowing them to quickly deploy a business solution that optimizes staff, enhances their organization’s cyber-protection, and improves their bottom line. With 24/7 monitoring and support, executives can safeguard their businesses against any negative impacts due to system outages.

ACaaS solutions are an easy and affordable way for any company to enter and stay in the world of modern security without having to worry about cost or complexity. With scalable systems, continual support, and seamless solutions, organizations can be assured that their employees, facilities and stakeholders, and investments are protected at all times. If you're not yet convinced, reach out today for a free demo!