Reopen new normal

Are You Ready To Reopen In The New Normal?

There will be a lot of new normals when everyone is out of quarantine. Across Texas, businesses are slowly beginning to re-open their doors, and schools are preparing for the eventual return of students.

With this new normal, leaders in all industries will have to make key decisions to ensure the health of the individuals in their facilities. We have compiled a checklist of solutions to help you have peace of mind that you're doing everything you can to ensure a safe environment for your people.

Body Temperature Detection

Are you able to take everyone's temperature before they enter your building? Sometimes a simple hand-held digital thermometer can be enough. But what if that's logistically impossible for you? Tools that can detect elevated body temperature in a faster way from a distance are a great way to protect against someone with elevated body temperature entering your building.

Monitoring & Managing Occupancy

Your facility may have specific areas where people are more likely to be, but putting someone at the door to count them isn't feasible. There are tools that allow you to count the number of people in an area, visualize data, and alert them if occupancy limits are being reached.

Enforce Social Distancing

Perhaps social distancing needs to be mandated but you don't want to put individuals in the awkward position of policing themselves. You may need a system that can make it possible to alert employees when people are standing too close to each other.

Detect & Track Face Mask Compliance

Some organizations can't avoid individuals talking in a close environment. And, like with social distancing, it may not be smart to let individuals police themselves. Tech companies have been fast to create cameras that can check if a person is wearing a face mask as they enter the facility, and triggers an alert to security personnel if someone is not.

Reduce Crowding & Identify Hotspots

Do you know specifically where the overcrowding issues are within your facility? With the latest innovations in analytics you can find out which rooms, hallways, or outside areas are prone to overcrowding so you can put a plan in place to divert traffic.

You can never be 100% certain that a virus won't spread through your facility. But working through the five items listed above will give you the best possible chance to keep your people safe when they return.