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4 Tips to Build a Smart City Video Centric Data Platform

Data at the core

As we enter an era where information is key to efficiency, it is becoming increasingly evident that data will form the foundation of many Smart City innovations. The future of the Smart City is now at your fingertips with video-centric data infrastructure powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Today, police forces such as the NYPD are now utilizing over 15K smart surveillance cameras in their city streets to help improve public safety and deter crime. Designed specifically for use by public safety professionals, real-time analytics with core contextual awareness can help gather and provide important insights and data for law enforcement during critical moments.

However, these advanced security solutions require more sophisticated infrastructures and software platforms to operate efficiently all while maintaining ease of use for city managers and employees. To help government and public officials understand how they can make the transition to smart city technology, here are some helpful suggestions from security experts in public safety.

Ditch the Silos for a Unified Platform

Smart City projects are all about data. Sensors collect and store a lot of it, but without being able to see the whole picture, city managers can't make intelligent decisions for their communities. As opposed to analyzing separate silos of surveillance data like city personnel might do for a specific street or intersection, centralizing and aggregating data gathered by all a city’s sensors provides complete situational awareness. The increased use of sensors in smart cities has led to the development of new techniques such as "sensor fusion," which unites data and makes for more efficient use of resources, reducing costs while increasing productivity without compromising quality or safety. With a unified platform, city managers gain the perspective and insight they need to make better, more informed decisions.

Take Advantage of Enterprise-Grade Video Management Software(VMS)

To help prepare for more advanced video software and capabilities, city officials should consider a video management system that can streamline data analytics and share within the city. Enterprise-grade platforms that aggregate videos from multiple sites offer flexibility for any number of clients. These enhanced infrastructures also help alleviate scalability issues during peak hours when more simultaneous inputs are being collected than one server can handle on its own. Smart cities require accessibility from all stakeholders in the city such as police officers and first responders. This way, they don't miss an opportunity to act because information is not available to share rapidly enough between different groups.

Look to the Cloud for Storage Solutions

The future of Smart City applications is data-driven, but ensuring sufficient storage can be challenging. By deploying a hybrid cloud model, city officials can harness the power of edge computing through on-premise servers to gather insight with little to no delay for videos and analytics software running in nearby endpoints. With video management systems in the cloud, facilities can free up resources and local space while still capturing all the information they need directly where it's needed most - at the device level.

One of the main benefits of a hybrid cloud model is its ability to extend VMS to the clouds where data can be further analyzed then securely archived. This modern storage solution eliminates the need for additional on-premise hardware while giving city officials unlimited storage capabilities and easy access to a plethora of information and insights.

Put Your Trust in a Security Partner

Each Smart City project is unique, but there's one thing they all have in common: intelligent video storage. To guarantee the best experience for the users and reduce latency as much as possible, you should choose a trusted security partner. Knight Security Systems designs custom hardware explicitly tailored to meet their client needs - no matter how big or small! So if you want better performance with fewer dropped frames when real-time intelligence matters most, then work directly with a trusted security integrator who can help you choose the right security platform to solve your unique business challenges.