Our Story

Without trust, there is no security. With steadfast support of our clients for the last 38+ years, we move at the speed of innovation while ensuring reliability.

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How the journey unfolded

Story 1983


Founded by our partners - Phil Lake, Trey West and Martin Krohn - Knight Security Systems enters the world as a business security integrator. The foundation of our business is honor, integrity, and service. We also developed the Round Table process to involve clients in a collaborative strategy for their ongoing success.

Story 2007


Knight opens an office in Houston, TX and SecurePlan service level agreement is developed to provide customers same-day response guarantee.

Story 2009


Knight opens an office in Austin, TX and is recognized as the Highest Volume S2 Security Dealer in the State of Texas (2009 – present)

Story 2010


Knight is awarded State of Texas largest security contract of over $12M.

Csc story


Knight rolls out SecurePlanHealth program and establishes Client Support Center (CSC).

Story 2012


Knight receives Construction Institute Award for Project of the Year – Government Sector.

Story 2013


Knight is awarded Milestone National Installation of the Year for the Jefferson County Waterway Video System.

Story 2014


KnightSentry is deployed with patent pending and Knight awarded $3M+ Access and Video project for Midland ISD.

Story 2015


Knight Security Systems is recognized as highest volume Genetec dealer within the 4-state area and awarded $3M+ Video project for Amarillo ISD.

Story 2016


KnightSentry receives U.S. Patent and Knight's Client Support Center (CSC) exceeds 10,000 monitored devices

Story 2017


Knight Security Systems opens an office in San Antonio, TX

Story 2018


Knight Security Systems begins its Federal Sales Program.